powder pigments

Our Colorlinx oxides are both reliable and efficient, ensuring that our customers will be fully satisfied with the results. Blended from high quality iron oxides, Colorlinx pigments are added directly into the concrete truck's mixing barrel where the colour is dispersed into the concrete. All our products are well packaged in either water degradable or water soluble bags which come in various weight sizes. We also offer different sized tubs for smaller jobs.

liquid colour

As a result of technological advancements in our industry, Colorlinx is taking coloured concrete to the next level with our liquid colour range including carbon black for other applications. Liquid colours are more efficient and effective, providing greater consistency in the colour mix. It is cleaner, safer and also reduces the amount of handling required. Liquid colour can be used in many types of products requiring colouring including cement products, paints, grass paints, mulch, aqueous inks, coated papers and leather coatings. Using the latest cutting edge equipment and automatic colour systems, Colorlinx is able to produce consistent and high quality liquid colours in their Melbourne based plant